FREE full genome sequencing

FREE full genome sequencing

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This is the same test as the “Full genome sequencing for undiagnosed” listed option, but is subsidized as part of the equitable healthcare access program. Please view the tabs for “Full genome sequencing for undiagnosed” test details. One test recipient suffering from an undiagnosed condition of suspected genetic origin is chosen each month to help those in dire need that otherwise might not be able to take advantage of the diagnostic power of full genome sequencing. The treating/family physician of the patient is required to submit an application for testing, and all of the submitted cases are reviewed on a quarterly basis. The ordering clinician will be notified as to whether or not the case is accepted. No payment is collected for patients that are accepted into this program.


Purchase of the test can be refunded within 30-days of issued invoice date minus $50 processing fee to cover the costs associated with testing kit (even if the kit was not used by the customer). A refund is not available once the sample has been obtained by the laboratory and DNA testing has commenced.

Dr. Denis Vincent Clinic

138-8627 91 St NW, Edmonton AB

Summerwood Medical Centre

162-4005 Clover Bar Rd, Sherwood Park AB

United Health Centres Clinic

7609 109 St NW, Edmonton AB

Please contact us if your clinic is interested in providing access to DNA testing.

Merogenomics is collaborating with a third party institution, Blue Finance, to provide access for eligible customers to convenient, monthly payment options. Contact Merogenomics for more information.

Below are examples of possible monthly payment options for specified duration terms.


Payment options for 12 month term

DNA test cost Monthly payment
$699 $65
$799 $85


Payment options for 24 month term

DNA test cost Monthly payment
$2,499 $127
$3,749 $190
$4,099 $208
$5,199 $264
$7,399 $376