Participating clinics with DNA testing

Please select the clinic with your family physician. Selecting a clinic will proceed to test options from the selected clinic. Financing options are available.

If you do not have a family physician in any of the listed clinics, you need to be the resident of the Health region to be able to be subsequently treated by the clinic doctor.

If you are NOT a resident of a region with participating clinics, you can select a doctor of your choice option, upon which you will be prompted to book appointment with Merogenomics for a consultation. The DNA testing service providers promoted by Merogenomics can serve clients internationally and special arrangements can be made for any clients outside of their currently served region in Canada.

If your clinic is interested in participating in providing DNA testing to its patients, please contact Merogenomics, or  BOOK APPOINTMENT.

Participating clinics with DNA testing

Dr. Denis Vincent Clinic

138-8627 91 St NW, Edmonton AB


Dr. Denis Vincent clinic map
Summerwood Medical Centre Logo

Summerwood Medical Centre

62-4005 Clover Bar Rd, Sherwood Park AB


Summerwood Medical Centre clinic map
United Health Clinics logo

United Health Centres Clinic

7609 109 St NW, Edmonton AB


United Health Centres DNA testing